Ending the week

It sucks to to walk through a park with friends, feeling really on top of life, then you trip over a branch … And are woken by the fall to find yourself trapped in your kid’s bed, your hand locked under her sweaty little arm and you have drooled on her bear.  But now you’re awake, so you decide to get up and take a bath. 

Stealthily, you extract yourself from the bed and stand up, on the dog. He howls, you cuss and apologize, and shush all at the same time, as you fall over the towel your kid left on the floor from bath time.

She throws her arm across the bed and drings (dream-sings), “All you’ll ever be is mean,” but somehow stays asleep. Taylor Swift, thank you for making my child’s dream world exciting enough to sleep through present chaos. Not a bad way to end a day that began with picking up still warm, dead baby bird from the driveway. 

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