I ran this morning.

Back in August, signing up for this 10k seemed like a great idea :: A Motivator ::. But life changed, and during the ensuing pinball weeks, I barely prepared for today’s inevitable race.  I could have simply not shown up and, at 5:15am, when my weather app announced “31 degrees,” I seriously considered that option.  But, instead, by 6:30am, we stumbled into the 30-deg air.

At 7:15am, the airhorn blew and it was on.  Step by step. I moved forward. It began good.  A steady, slow pace until about 1.5 miles.  Then I felt the lack of training creeping into my head.  But I kept moving through low discomfort, at one point I felt vertigo, it passed, then felt like I’d puke, it passed, my hips would hurt if I walked, but my head swam if I ran. At one point, my partner sprinted ahead and then waited for me, jogging in place with a smile — still denying he’s a bit of a natural athlete. Throughout the race, I continued walk :: run, passed runners and was passed. But, in the end, my partner and I crossed the finish line side-by-side because, “you are only as strong the weakest link.”

I finished what I began and I will be stronger next time. But for today .: I finished:. and that is just fine. In fact, on any day, that’s pretty damn perfect.

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