What’s your favorite candy and why?

Listening to this podcast, Spilled Milk :: Gas Station Candy, I realize I’ve eaten very few types of candy (just don’t much care for the sweet). That being said, maybe I should try some new varieties. I say people need to know why they like / don’t like things, but “because it’s sweet” has always been my fallback on not liking candy.

Butterfinger, Peanut M&M, and York Peppermint Patties are the ones I do like.

Butterfinger are the most fun to eat because I first chip all the chocolate off the bar. Then the flaky buttery crisp gets stuck to my fingers as I crunch into it in such a way the layers are enjoyed. It is a fun candy to eat. I only like the junior size. The full-size bar is overwhelming.

Peanut M&Ms are fun because they hit every OCD button. First, I can organize them into color. Eat the candies in an even / odd number order – crunching through the odd numbered candies, but suck on each even til the candy cover and chocolate is gone and Eat The Peanut!

York Peppermint Patties are wonderful. But I really only like them with iced coffee.

Now to consider a quest of conquering other candies …


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