hug your baby before college, tomorrow

A post to my old livejournal account turned up on my Facebook feed today. It was from when Lil’bit was 7 months old. It knocked me on my ass – I mean, livejournal! But seriously, I was knocked on my ass because she is now 8 1/2 YEARS and it happened too fast.

So to all my new(ish) mamas & dads. Hold those li’l beans close – take an extra five minutes every day to just soak them up. I know it is so hard. You are so very tired. They are So Hard. And that instruction manual just isn’t arriving (trick answer, it never will). But you are each doing an amazing job. Thank you for raising just the kid that only you can raise.

Here is the original post:

Baby girl,

I am so proud. You can use us for leverage in order to stand and it doesn’t make you mad to fall down. You like a little dressing on your lettuce and can gum the hell out of some pizza crust. You are even figuring out how to push the dog’s snout out of your face when he goes in for a lick. All that is great. I love watching you grow, but please slow down. And please stop drugging us at night. I know you crawl out of bed and find your way to the nearest steroid dealer, get an injection and return home. That is the only explanation for your mood swings and persistent growth.

My babylove, you are seven months tomorrow. Slow down a wee bit. Soon you’ll be running through the house and bouncing on our bed. Soon, we’ll have to lower your mattress so you can’t climb out of your crib. Before we know it you’ll be talking up a storm and making menu suggestions. I can’t believe it is all happening so fast. You have no patience! I just want to nurse you a little longer and carry you in my arms a few more months. I don’t want to let these moments of babydom pass us by, but there they go, in the blink of an eye. So many firsts are already gone and every day another first heads out the door. I just can’t believe how exponentially it is all taking place.

Your gamaholly brought you a pair of pants that she made for you. They are a touch too long, but look great with a cuff. She is making other clothes and I can’t be more excited to see what she creates for you. I couldn’t make those little creations and her timing couldn’t be better. I’ve started dressing you in our neighbor’s handmedowns because you are outgrowing your clothes. I think the little boys handmedowns are adorable, but your father insists adorable for boys and adorable for girls is two totally different looks. I figure if we get you used to boys clothes maybe you won’t start dating too soon and I can keep you close a few days longer.


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