candy update

Candy update: Last week, I wrote about candy tasting and how maybe I should do such a thing because simply saying, “I don’t like candy because it is too sweet” is a cop out on my idea that people should always be able to stand behind *why* they do or do not like something. So today, I bought a variety of minis for egg hunt purposes. And taste testing.

First. There are nerd encrusted jellybeans out this year. OMG-d! They are called, hilariously, Bumpy Jelly Beans. What kind of candy magic is this creation? Trick question. WONKA MAGIC (aka the good kind). If you like nerds and jellybeans: Get thee to a grocery store. The nerded, excuse me, Bumpy Jelly Bean is brilliant.

But let’s return to the rest of the study. I purchased a combo bag containing Milky Way, Twix, Three Musketeers, and Snickers. I tried one of each. Here is their story:

All have a decent-since-it’s-over-something outer chocolate.

Milky Way: I like the chocolate mousse(?) inside, but the caramel nutty part was overly sweet and not pleasant for me. Pass.

Twix: Again with the caramel layer. Just not into that unless it is rich and maybe a little salty, which it most certainly is not in a Twix. I did like the cookie crunch part. Maybe if this candy were cold I would like it, but doubtful.

Three Musketeers: This is not too bad. A bit of a Milky Way without the poor decision to sleep with dime-store caramel. I’ll likely have another small one sometime in my future.

Finally, it was time for the Snickers. Ok. This is a candy bar I could eat on occasion. I really like the ratio of nuts to caramel — it is caramel? — and nougat (terrible word, by the way). It isn’t too sweet, great texture, and the taste changes as you chew. This candy bar is a winner.

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