I harsh on Mother’s Day, but let me be clear, it’s the commodification of a day placed aside to honor the women who nurture and love and sacrifice for others that I have issue with. The premise of Mother’s Day, I love.

Thank you to all the glorious mamas out there – not just the birth mamas, but the found mamas and best aunties and step mamas and even the men who step in if a mama isn’t available. I know many women who this day grieve for men who stepped in as their mamas – mamas and dads give different kinds of love, but those who experienced the flip know that each can give either … but I digress.

This day is about the love a mother, of any stripe, brings to the next generation. This day is about the sacrifice and constant figuring out how to make everything work when sometimes nothing is going right. This day is about wiping dirty noses with shirts (pro tip: use the inside of the shirt, it’s only gross for a sec). It’s about making lunches with nothing in the house because you were too exhausted to shop – and thought Thursday was Friday. It’s about stepping up to help your kid make a costume at the last minute so they aren’t the only one without a tulip hat for the spring play. It’s about being understanding and holding your tongue when you hear for the thousandth time that {insert nemesis child name here} was being a jerk by simply being competitive. It’s about being simply listening to kiddos rattle on – even if you have no idea what they are talking – and coming up with questions that demonstrate you are listening. It’s about teaching kids how to find the gems in a shitty day and recognizing that some days are just not going to be good – and that’s ok. This day is about the beauty and fear and complete absurdity of the unknown.

Mother’s Day is a day of thanks for the folks who so often forget they need to take a moment for themselves because they are so busy looking after the future.

Mamas, whoever you may be, thank you.

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