Shacksbury ciders

The Shacksbury representative was at HEB Mueller today. By representative, I am pretty certain it was one of the co-founders who is hitting the road to build up the company. I normally turn my nose up at cider because it’s too sweet and often has zero nuance. But this is sublime! This little Vermont cider house is making some amazing flavor.

“The Arlo (6.9% abv) is dry … it reminds me of cava,” when I made that comment he told me they’d had an amazing Spanish cider in NYC and knew there had to be something more to the experience so they went to Spain to learn how to make cider. They use fruit from their Vermont orchard, as well as fruit imported from Spain. 

The Spritz (3.8% abv) was the second I tried. It is a bit sweeter and has a soft fruit flavor – more like smelling an apple blossom than biting into the fruit. I bought one of each and left the other two flavors for folks who like something a little bit sweeter, but still delicious. 

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