Accepting Aging

I went to a Circuit Training class today. I was looking forward to it because I’ve spent many hours in those classes in the past, but hadn’t gone to that type of class in about a year. It is always fast paced, fun exercises and engaging instruction. Today’s was a level 1, really more because that is what my schedule could accommodate. Let me note, I was in the best shape of my life back in February. It’s now April. I turned 43 in March and have only been doing yoga the last couple months, sporadically, so I know I’ve lost some strength. 

That level 1 class was HARD. Not only have I lost strength, my balance has deteriorated as well. A hardcore belief I hold is that age alone should not slow folks down, but today was a slap of reality to how important it is to stay on top of fitness as we age. I can see how folks easily slide and lose all momentum to keep up strength, flexibility & endurance as the years pass. So, yes, I accept I am aging, but I won’t give up the good fight. Now is the time to kick my health into high gear. 

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