carrier deck dawn

Moon new in its cycle.
I scale the iron bird,
press a button, the glass dome slides open.
Climbing into the seat,
only a shadow of red light guides me.

Looking out from my perch,
night is addressed by a dome of stars unbroken above and around.
To the edges of what can be seen,
below is a blackness that meets the end.

We tear through the deepness,
begging to reach an end.
An end that only appears when land begins.

I signal to the person below and a force of pressure prepares the engine.
I initiate a sequence and soon
power roars beneath me.
She presses against the chains holding her steady.
I watch as all systems indicate the engines are clear.

Tests are done. Our work is clean.
I should return the throttles to zero, but I push them to 90%.
The roar grows, her nose presses down as we are
propelled into the light
Faster than my charge will ever know

360 degrees of same stillness ends only at the earth’s horizon.
With nothing to stop it from being completely revealed,
the black night is cut by a slice of light.
The power and beauty of the dawn amplified.

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