water boils to dry

As I wait for water to boil,
I wonder where your fear lied

“you are a great companion,” you offered
“we are more!” I balked

but companions we were.

so good in each other’s company
and so much more.
side by side –
we danced in a world we created
we pondered a world surrounded
an easy silence
a simple complexity.
we were so good.

so easy and true.
too good to be true?

fear and what-ifs snuck in …

a mindful of what-ifs that might never occur.

the only puzzle we couldn’t solve:
What if we turned those what-ifs away?

What-if we go so right?
What-if we hold each other high?
What-if you are my greatest champion?
What-if we give and take as needs change?
What-if I believe in you like no one ever did?
What-if you see I truly love your imperfections?
What-if I fail and you help me back up?
What-if we overcome all the fears and become what love should look like?

But those What-ifs are no more.

we are simply water
boiled dry.


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