Burning life

People ask me what it means to be a burner – someone who is involved in Burningman styled events. It’s a bit of an amorphous anti-definition for me. It’s community, creativity, taking action, calculated risks and all the nuanced complexities of family. It’s facing fear and living a little bit bigger within a world that often tries to press us back & down. Also, sometimes it is moments in time that will never be forgotten.

Sometimes you have a fun weekend camping with friends. Sometimes you get to rebuild friendships. Sometimes you get to feel a love you never dreamed you’d feel again. Sometimes you simply walk away from conversations that don’t interest you. Sometimes you sit in sweltering heat and share Chinese tea ceremony with strangers. Sometimes you under a sky of stars and hear two owls converse. Sometimes you are overwhelmed with emotion of years past and a friend is there to hug you til the tears stop. Sometimes you watch your favorite people in the world launch weather balloons and fireworks shows and literally walk into a burning fire so others can dance around it. Sometimes the weather is perfect. Sometimes you sit up tile 2am talking about how safety can be done better. Sometimes you sit in circles and laugh for hours over ridiculous jokes. Sometimes you get to do it all in a weekend.

That isn’t all of what being a burner means to me, but it’s a start.

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