unexplainable mysteries

Kids who are touched by unexplainable mysteries –
The ones who know of conversations they haven’t heard –
The ones who talk to the people whom their homes were built atop –
The ones who share memories with strangers in grocery stores, stories only people who have died would know.
These souls we raise, souls touched by unexplainable mysteries will baffle us with ancient wisdom. Then scream when they can’t tie their own shoes.

These children – touched by unexplainable mysteries – are a different kind of gift. Transmitters with emotional antenna who receive pictures in clear colors from another spectrum, pictures that become wavy and fuzzy, then clear again. As guides to these little transmitters, it’s our duty to be patient through the waves and recognize their pictures may one day become full color.

Some will keep the the ability to witness spectrums that are not for all of us to see. For others, skeptical doubts from naysayers, may erase their vision and they will simply have an aching feeling there is more to this world. A feeling that they should be able to get just beyond the space they occupy. Regardless of their future sight, while we are keepers of their direction, patience must prevail. Protect their spectrums and listen to their ways.

The spectrums we cannot see have lessons we should hear.
We should work not to cut off access to what we don’t understand, but to guide it, raise it, and help them learn to keep those connections alive. Our children who are touched by unexplainable mysteries should have their sights loved and honored. They should be allowed to connect to worlds to which they have privileged access. Let them be the bridges and make the connections that has been dulled within so many. For in these children there are stories and solutions that have faded from view, but continue to connect through parts of our universe we don’t all know. In these children there is a future beyond anything we might understand.

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