We have one job

Understand not everyone will end up with the same opportunities in life. If that were the case, life would be very dull or absolute fucking chaos or full on god squad or total violence.

Peoples’ gifts aren’t equal.

Circumstances are not equal.

Respect should be our baseline.

We need the differences to create a dynamic whole. The nuts and bolts of life will never be fully interchangeable, but one thing that should be given equally is respect. Fundamentally, we all need love and respect. Life is a series of reactions to input. Our daily work should be to make our input positive: starting with love & respect in all actions.

Respect for others and behaving honorably are not optional. Connection and understanding are created through healthy interaction with friends and strangers alike. There are enough resources and opportunities for you and your neighbor. Expand your circles and meet those around you. If you come together with good intent, you will find resources, support, and kindnesses seem to multiply.

You will never have the life you imagine because reality is far more interesting than we can imagine. You can create a beautiful world for yourself and others. You can build worlds on your block or micro-communities across the world. You can create art and build love. You can smile and shift someone’s reality or sit quietly, listen- opening the world for someone with only your time. It all starts with reaching past yourself and basing your actions in respect.

Stretch out and grow or stay closed and wither. The choice is yours.

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