nature wins

I’ve seen some great videos of penguins being allowed to roam an aquarium that is shuttered because of COVID-19. Those penguins have gotten a taste of freedom. They won’t forget.

Elephants who broke free during China’s lockdown, found napping in a tea garden drunk on corn wine.

Dolphins visiting people on a dock in southern Italy and swans return to the canals of Venice.

Orangoutangs seen washing their hands, as it goes, they are outrageously good at washing their hands.

People have been forced to slow down and the natural world can breathe free in our pause. With that, we are witnessing the world that sits in the shadow of our world.

2 thoughts on “nature wins

  1. Katie! Love this piece of writing. I read it to James and we both were impressed. I had not heard about the elephants but that may be my favorite example of what you’re talking about — The world that sits in the shadow of our world. Hugs!


    1. Thank you! I’ve since been told some of those images were not real- that I’d been misled. While my romantic heart may have been duped- I still believe in the world that resides in our shadows. Hope you are all safe ❤


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