Bully Pulpit

A bully has taken the game. A game of power where bullies excel, all the others sit dumbfounded because this bully that has been placed in power is louder and brasher than all the other bullies. The others look on and can’t imagine how this bully can be so impossible. They had the game rigged with keeping up appearances and subtle nods to equality that would keep their constituents just satisfied enough to look past the underlying manipulation, but their bluff was called and an “honest man of the people” was put in the President’s chair. Finally, the people, though not the majority, pulled the mask off Washington and showed them what we already knew was true. Though no one dared speak it. The game is not only rigged, most are only there to serve themselves. And no one really wants to change the rules. In fact, what are the rules to those who can make and take them in a day? So now the junior bullies look on in disbelief, but won’t take impactful action to throw the President out because they may show or may themselves be revealed as the manipulators and self-serving grabbers they are.

Oh, but there are a handful of good ones. Presently, the number of good folks in Washington may be the highest number in history. Those voices (most female) are making quite the fuss- turning over tables and announcing the king has no clothes- but as they’ve always been, they are shushed back and asked to be respectful. After all, no one wants to truly upset the status quo (read majority White patriarchy). Besides, there are so many checks and balances, how much harm could this imbecile of a President possibly do?

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